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The Real Thing is Finally Here

Fresh Daily Bagels

Real New York Bagel in a NYC Minute

Here At Mellie's New York Deli you can count on getting a Real New York Bagel Straight From New York City Shipped from The Bronx Made With Real New York Water By New York People. New York Bagels in Sarasota New York Bagels in Bradenton Great Bagels in Bradenton

The Best Bagel Sandwiches

Poppy Seed Bagel with lox and cream cheese


The Place Smells Like New York, Tastes Like New York & Looks Like New York with The Best Bagels in Bradenton

Isn't Great To Eat Fresh Daily

nove lox bagel with cream cheese

You Can Get Anything on a Bagel!

Breakfast on a Bagel, Lunch on a Bagel, A Bagel ToGo, A Bagel To Stay, A Bagel For A Friend, A Bagel For The Mother In Law!

Straight From Uncle Tony's Shop

Making Real New York Bagels on a tray right out of the oven

We Are Proud to Have Uncle Tony By Our Side Shipping Us Fresh Product Daily, Spreading His Love In Florida! Come Visit Us, You Never Know When Uncle Tony Is Visiting From New York.

Take Us To Work With You!

Bagels in a basket

Do You Wanna Be The Talk Of The Office?

You Can Share With Your Staff Or Co-Workers, 

You Can Get Real New York Bagels and Coffee Ready To Go Call 941-281-2139

What Make Us Different!

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It's Funny Because What Makes Us Different is Everything We Do! 

The Product, The Recipes, The Look & Feel, The Taste, The Family!

We Personally Guarantee Our Customers The Best Of New York Here In Florida!